Vietnam Company Incorporation in Vietnam

Guide to Vietnam Company Registration

Vietnam’s large market is the main reason it lures foreigners for company registration. If you wish to set up a company in Vietnam, you can contact our friendly consultants and let us assist you to prepare for your Vietnam company registration process. Read more

Guide to Start Business in Vietnam

Starting a business in Vietnam is not as complicated as one might think. This guide will shed light on the key information you need like procedures and processes involved for Vietnam Company Incorporation. Read more

Guide to Select Your Vietnam Company Names

Choosing a company name for your company in Vietnam is a significant decision that requires cautious thinking and thought of business regulations. A company names need to be approved by Vietnam’s Ministry of Law and Human Rights before registration of the Vietnam company. Read more

Determining Financial Year End for Vietnam Company

The financial year-end for a company is also called its fiscal year which refers to the 12-month period a company utilizes for accounting calculations. In Vietnam, there are specific rules that a company should follow. Read more

Types of Business Entities to Set Up in Vietnam

While there are a few types of business entities to set up in Vietnam, three alternatives remain the most well known among foreign investors; foreign investment company (“PMA”), local company (“Local PT”) and foreign representative office (“Rep Office”). Read more

Free Vietnam Company Name Check

Before a company name of a limited liability company may be used in Vietnam, for both a foreign investment company (PT PMA) and a local company (PT), the founders must obtain approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights of Vietnam (MOLHR). Read more